About Us


Debra Poirier - Owner

Debra was the first certified female Millwright in Canada, receving her Jouneyman's status in 1989. She has owned and operated Nova MC since 2000.


Melanie Hobbs P.Eng. - Field Manager

Melanie (Mel) Hobbs is Nova MC's Field Manager. She manages the day-to-day aspects of co-ordinating our contract labour resources. She is the primary point of contact for our hiring clients and for our tradespeople.

How it Began

In 1988 Nova MIllwrights Ltd. was established by John Horridge in Middleton, NS.  Initial activities included installations.  He realized that there was a need for quality machining, fabricating and welding and so expanded his business to include a machine and manfacturing shop.

In 1995 John retired and passed on the business to his son Steve and daughter Debra.

Steve and Debra successfully ran their father's business together for 5 years. Debra, a Millwright herself, began supplying technical tradespeople to industrial clients across mainland Nova Scotia in 2000.

Starting out with three tradesmen, Nova Millwrights Contracting Ltd has grown to 50+ skilled, qualified tradespeople.

Nova MC stands out from the competition by offering a broad selection of union free trades and skills, and by providing all necessary screening and safety training.